Passion, Power, Possibility, Paradox and Peace ARE what we have with us all the time even though we may not realise it. These qualities are truth. By connecting with nature we can see and feel this in the moment. Trees, bushes and flowers in the environment push to perfection continuously. Growth shows movement and this is there for everyone. Shifts are always trying to happen. Through observation and connecting with not only ourselves but with the natural world, including the sea, we can be who we really are as a being beyond ego, and truly feel this. Only the present is important, for every second holds new possibility and gives

us the power to move towards our potential.
Having a sense of fun and play encourages wonderful things to happen easily and gracefully because we are then linked into that positive new energy of the next moment. Here there is peace. The silence in which contemplation can take place will help to manifest what wants to happen for us. Everything is here to BE.
Passion is when we are in touch with our hearts desire. The Paradox is that we can view a situation from two angles. There are always two sides to everything, just as we have a positive side and a shadow side. Recognising the truth for each of us as individuals, is what is important.

In the same way as there is day and night there is the yes and no of a situation or the right and wrong. Circumstances may appear to be bad but we know that at some level that it is right, or we can learn something from it. Take for instance just the simple act of cutting oneself. It hurts, causes pain maybe, creates blood, and is a nuisance. However it will make us more careful in the future and will encourage us to concentrate on what we are doing—to be in the NOW, and therefore present.
When you can see life as a series of paradoxes it changes your view. Nothing is as real and things no longer seem so important. The transience of life is more easily recognised. It certainly helps to reduce stress, which is good. Each of us is unique and works in a different way. We can play

small but it does us no favours. Believe in yourself, love yourself and know yourself. Expand and grow into what you know you can be, your best. We are all more powerful than we know.
How do we find this place, stay and maintain it? By constant observation and vigilance of ourselves, and a determination to keep up and out there. When in this wonderful place, your vibrations are high and links are created. The domino effect happens and all possibilities are open. Your spirit will be high when your vibrations are increased. This is a perfectly natural light fun place to be where laughter abounds and everything feels good, all heaviness is banished. It is true happiness and satisfaction. If

you are with others who have a heavy disposition or energy, you may feel yourself inclined to being pulled down. What do you do about it?
Exercise in the form of yoga, walking, jogging, swimming or Tai Chi can be very helpful as these are non-competitive and you can go at your own pace and enjoy the moment. Listening to music that is light, uplifting and good for your soul is a wonderful tonic, mixing with good friends and having a laugh and going to the theatre, the cinema or for a lovely meal are all helpful ways which we may have a natural inclination towards. Don’t get bogged down in the detail! Just do something you really enjoy, which is healthy and which helps your spirit. Don’t let problems weigh

you down keep a light attitude and see life for what it is—a humorous challenge. Just walking down a busy street can make me laugh. Sometimes I’ll admit that if I didn’t laugh I’d cry! Keep yourself cheerful no matter what. This may sound a bit ridiculous because of course from time to time we all face difficulties of one sort or another. Things are bound to impact on us sometimes as no day is the same and basically we are sensitive beings, some more so than others. There are life crises and it is important to know ways to overcome these so that you remain mentally healthy. Be very aware of what potentially might pull you down and find your own way of not being drawn in. Try it because it works. I am in

favour of practical methods to support if one needs them and my goodness how much better life can be when we do not allow ourselves to be out of the moment. Stay present with yourself and not let yourself be thrust into the traumas and problems of others. After all you may have noticed that people love to pull you into their unhappiness! The answer is not to be drawn in.
Put anything that may be a problem onto:-
1. A piece of paper
2. Imagine it written on your hand
3. On your head at the front

1. Read it and then either tear it up, burn it or throw it away.
2. Mentally erase or scratch it out.
3. Minimise its size, send it going ever smaller to the back of your head and let it fly off and way out into the ether using your powers of visualisation.
The power of Creative Visualisation, is one which may be overlooked but it is very strong indeed. For this it is a good idea to really imagine what you desire in as much detail as possible or to create a film in your mind of how you want things to be. This works along with Meditation to see what

we want. Energy follows thought. If you are in a good space a thought, idea or inspiration may follow visualisation, which will help you.
Eating well without too much heavy food is important, and not drinking large volumes of alcohol. Food holds energy and some foods may make us feel depressed and weighed down. Plenty of good fresh fruit and vegetables are so healthy and learning about their properties. It is important to have plenty of alkaline fruits and vegetables rather than acid ones which tend to create acids in the body. Try to keep the diet light with not too much carbohydrate and certainly not too much fat or red meat, as this is acid building. Also eat white meat and fish. Go vegetarian some

days, try to detoxify your system by following a short detoxifying diet or just fast to give your body chance to come back to centre. Introduce more raw foods into your meals and limit sugar. Use honey and the natural sugars of fruits. Herbs are better than hot spices, salt and pepper too. Everything in balance and moderation is the key. Any big dramatic changes will impact one way or another. So introduce the new ways of eating with thought and awareness as our bodies usually respond better this way. Go with what intuitively feels right for you. Sometimes it can be good to read about new diets etc. but ultimately it is for us as individuals to connect with our own bodies and what they need.

It is amazing how disassociated we become from our bodies. This is when things begin to go wrong. We abuse ourselves with or without realising it. The way to good health from whatever age you are into the future is simple:
1. Exercise
2. Eat well
3. Have good sleep patterns
4. Get fresh air.
5. Keep an open heart.
6. Enjoy yourself with what your spirit intuitively knows is good for you.

7. Love yourself and keep self-belief.
8. Work at what you enjoy.
There is a place of bliss or complete contentment to be achieved and to some this may be hard to understand or believe even. However we have all had those times when we feel utterly wonderful and totally at peace. Of course we know we can find this in connecting with nature, going on a lovely walk in the countryside, listening to beautiful music or just relaxing. How do we find this place of euphoria when not doing any of these things? What if we know we need to be in this space? It does take practice and effort but basically it is about keeping true to ourselves with

loving appreciation because then the body responds. We should not let ourselves be victims, and should resist being sucked into problems and other people’s emotional issues.
Keep your heart clear. How?
1. Envision and feel your heart as perfect and full of love.
2. Put your hands on your heart and breathe in pink. Pink being the colour resembling love and also the colour of the heart chakra or energy point.
3.Tell yourself that you will not allow yourself to be a victim of others traumas.
4.Breathe into the heart and sense any blockages clearing.

When your heart is clear you can be creative. You begin to see with clarity and understanding in all sorts of circumstances. This helps you maintain your true power. Also you feel healthier and have vitality.
5. Breathe, Relax and Expand relaxing your shoulders and energetically growing into a bigger more open expansive space where there is calm.
Many people do not know how to breathe properly which may sound strange but is a fact. Many of us only use half the capacity of our lungs and even the parts we do use are not used well enough. There are many different ways we can help ourselves with particular breathing techniques. The gentle in and out of the breath in normal breathing brings

peace to the body and mind. The breath IS everything. When you have a problem you can always go back to the breath. It is the vehicle for the spirit. The breath and emotions are closely linked and this is why different techniques can aid calmness and rebalance emotions.
BREATHING EXERCISES To do these look in a Yoga book, on the Internet or ask a Yoga teacher to demonstrate.
1. Alternate Nostril Breathing.
2. Bee breath—blowing through the lips so the reverberate.
3. Full Yogic Breathing with hands on the abdomen so that the breath can
be felt in the upper chest, middle and lower abdomen using the whole of

the lungs.
4. Kalibarti-where the abdomen is pulled in and out sharply in conjunction with controlled sniffing breath.
There is a link to all of us in what is termed by some as The Field. Here many layers of intelligence are held, which pattern creation and this is a living place of consciousness.
We have a responsibility to ourselves, and others. Once we understand this we can be more aware. How we react becomes like a set of dominoes, which are knocked over. This works both positively and negatively of course. One of our greatest lessons in life is to realise that

we do in fact effect things and circumstances with our thoughts and behaviours. Try this experiment:-
Sit in a quiet comfortable place and put your hands on your heart. Visualise a situation that you would like to change for the better, nothing too challenging at this stage! Maybe it is a friend or family member who is having difficulties, is unhappy or ill. See a light in your heart and really feel this space. If you like actually put your hands one on top of the other here. Now send the love from your heart, which you are feeling, to another.
Keep this up for a while and notice what you experience. You may

find that you hear from them either directly by way of a phone call, text or email or a visit. I have even had people laugh out loud from this exercise because they are reconnecting with their spirit. It is a wonderful feeling when you can connect with others in this way.
There are some people who can read our thoughts either in your presence or distantly just naturally. Others learn this skill. How useful but also it makes one realise the responsibility one needs to have for thoughts. We create our reality from our thoughts. Thinking positively can be so helpful and powerful. Twice in my life even before I knew anything of such things, I had experiences where I had some difficult

people around me who wanted to be negative. Over a period of about a year I did nothing but look on them positively and in both cases, by the end of that time situations had completely reversed and those involved came over to me strongly. Again a wonderful revelation!
A further practice is to concentrate with eyes either open or closed on your heart area, or your core. Be aware of sounds but keep focussed on this place and soon you will only be aware of this centre and this brings in peace. Do the same exercise with colour and shapes. Beyond this you can play with your response to situations, your feelings and
emotions. We do not realise how powerful we really are.

If you find at any time that you are affected by intense emotions, wait until things subside. One teaching in life is ‘to sleep on it’. Things do change. It is sound advice so that one does not react impetuously. Time gives space for reflection. So the rule is to notice your emotions and don’t let them rule you because they are not you. They can be like undisciplined children. Decisions are best made when you are relaxed and can see beyond the heat of the emotion and all emotions do calm down. It would be too exhausting to have them constantly heightened and such exhaustion leads to a depleted unhappy spirit and consequently depression often sets in. It is important to keep loving and appreciating

yourself. Expressing emotions through activity is good so that they can pass. Everyone has their own ways of doing this including going for a run, punching a cushion, shouting, swimming, talking the situation through with a friend or maybe even writing about the cause of the disturbance. All these ways will help to dissipate things and calm will rule once again.
Remember too that this time will pass. Nothing stays the same.
Being peaceful and finding ways for personal peace is a treasure. Wisdom brings peace. Going away from the personal, the ego lead life to the knowing that you are part of the universal consciousness and that you

have choices, which can help and support you as a being. These choices can be made by being in touch with who you are as a person, by using the conscious knowledge you have of life and using your judgement from a clear heart space.

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